Poppy Hillstead Drops New Webseries

Poppy Hillstead drops her new webseries 'Poppy" starting 5th of January over on her Youtube Channel

A four-episode webseries directed and written by Poppy Hillstead drops on the 5th of January. ‘Poppy’ follows…well, Poppy. A 20 something year old, anxiety ridden, twerp. Trapped in a tiny market town in the middle of Lincolnshire. Watch Poppy teeter on the edge of nervous breakdown as she sweats her way through driving lessons, boyfriends, job hunting and self-discovery. She’s just like Carrie Bradshaw, if she stank, had one GCSE and owed £2000 to Lincolnshire County Council for housing benefit overpayment.

Watch Poppy have a meltdown alongside Amy Gledhill, Chris Cantrill, Stuart Laws, Rob Auton, Ed Aczel and Declan Kennedy.